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Radio…a mystery to some, a valuable tool to others and a frustration for most.

If you have a single or an EP that you’re looking to promote to the masses eventually radio is going to be in your marketing conversation. Because of the power of radio few songs sell well without it. None sell millions without it. It has been well understood that consistent airplay accompanies significant record sales, generate public performance royalties and burnishes a recording artist profile.

Radio is one of the mass media that record companies use to promote music to a widespread audience.  It is the only medium that gets songs to an audience on a repeated basis (meaning a person can hear a song on a particular station 20 or 50 or even 100 times…Just compare that to TV, film, print or even touring)

For many years commercial radio airplay had been coveted by songwriters, musicians and record labels alike because of its enormous promotional power and reach.  But there have been major shifts in the radio landscape in the past ten years. We’ve seen the development of both satellite radio and web casting as alternatives to traditional AM and FM broadcast radio, models that have a lot more flexibility about what types of music they play, and how much control they give the listener over what they hear. We’ve also witnessed the development of a stronger noncommercial radio sector, led by NPR (National Public Radio) Music and certain powerhouse noncommercial AAA stations like KEXP, KCRW, WXPN, and The Current.

Given the expansion of radio-like experiences, there are more opportunities than ever for musicians – even those in niche genres – to get airplay.

Because the very definition of “radio” has changed, we need to look at the impact of airplay through a wider lens.

Some musicians believe airplay impacts sales or concert attendance. For others, it’s part of a broader brand awareness and exposure strategy.

For a few, airplay on digital platforms has become a noticeable revenue stream on its own. And for most, airplay on any platform remains elusive.

So the question stands: How Do You Get Your Song On The Radio?

And What Are You Looking For Radio To Do For You?

Blu Chip Media is one the most popular service offerings for College Radio Airplay & Marketing.

We provide you with the service and the guidance to get your song on the radio at the appropriate format or formats.

Our staff has the know how to get you heard. Our regional and or national campaigns to radio involve constant contact with the music directors and radio programmers to ensure that your music is heard not just by stations but also on the air.

We provide you with weekly reports reflecting comments from programmers and tracking of spins obtained not from the stations by also from the industry monitored websites. CMJ & FMQB

For over 10 years, Blu Chip Media has been helping artist (both independent and signed) reach their goals of obtaining College Radio Airplay. Radio Interviews and P.R. in the college market.