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Blu Chip Media

Founded in 2003,  Blu Chip Media is a full service promotions firm with core competencies in public relations, internet marketing and all aspects of public relations in the college market including radio airplay, NACA (National Association Of Campus Activities) and CMJ (College Media Journal).

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our client roster, with experience in providing services for music promotions, brand building and event planning.

Blu Chip Media operates at a high level of efficiency and integrity so that you receive maximum promotion, exposure and attention.

In today’s saturated media world, attention may very well be the most valuable form of currency. It takes experience, expertise and innovative thinking to deliver your message in the manner and medium you want.

Our expertise encompasses a variety of practice areas including college radio, NACA (National Association Of Campus Activities), Showcases, College Tours, Social Media, Internet Marketing and PR.

We attribute our success to the relationships we have with members of the media in the college market and throughout the music and radio industry.

Blu Chip Media is a creative, smart and engaging PR agency, with intimate relationships far beyond media, including street promotions, celebrities and influential contacts that increase our client’s return on engagement and marketing investment.
Our Online Presence:

Blu Chip Media is the fastest growing promotional company online. Our email blast service has a circulation of over 20,000 readers that we deliver to twice a day. This makes it possible for our clients to be seen by journalist, bloggers, music directors, event coordinators, and music supervisors.

Our Media Platforms include:

Blu Chip TV – Our most viewed web page
Blu Chip Radio

These platforms offer our clients various promotional and unique advertising opportunities.
Our Mission Statement

Blu Chip Media’s sole purpose is to help the artists and the companies representing the artists we work with obtain the attention and respect they deserve in the music industries competitive realm on both a regional and national basis.

We think on our feet, relentlessly uncovering opportunities and never lose sight of our client’s goals.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our clients roster, with experience in providing services for music, brand building and event planning, whether it’s on a national, regional or statewide campaign scale of underwriting, radio advertisement, or representation of a product or brand.

Blu Chip Media operates at the highest level of efficiency and integrity so that you receive maximum promotion and exposure. We have an elite staff dedicated to promoting your campaign and making sure you will receive all the attention your product needs to be successful.